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"Amal Sir, we appreciate your hard work and dedication. Your class was truly enjoyable and informative, and we learned a great deal from it. I would like to commend your exceptional organizational skills, as the regular mock exams and well-planned lessons were extremely helpful. The expectations you set for us were clear and the learning activities were creative. In my opinion, the standout feature of your class was your engaging presentation style and impressive efficiency. Thank you for a wonderful learning experience. "

Devan Suresh

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“I thoroughly enjoyed both the MA and PM classes. Our tutor was highly knowledgeable and always willing to assist students with any queries. I was particularly impressed with his teaching style - he covered all the essential topics in class and provided highly effective revision materials. Thank you for being an excellent teacher and a supportive brother.”

Aleena Jaison


“I, Beyon Benet, would like to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation and gratitude towards Amal sir for his invaluable guidance and support throughout my Performance management preparation journey. His passion for teaching and commitment to our success has been truly inspiring and have motivated me to excel in my studies and helped me to get a score of 72 on the exam. The course is well-structured, with a clear syllabus and the course materials are comprehensive and up-to-date.
Overall, I would highly recommend his course to anyone who is looking to clear the PM paper.”

Beyon Benet

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